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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where is the H2O Limo located?
    It is located in Placida, Florida at Eldred's Marina. However we offer pick up for cruises at Aquamarina, which is next door to Leverock's Restaurant in Cape Haze. With advanced reservations, we can also pick people up on Manasota Key at 1815 Gulf Blvd. in Englewood, FL.   back to top

  • Can I cancel a charter if it's going to rain?
    As far as weather, unless the captain says it is unsafe, we don't cancel unless there is a true low pressure system as indicated by a sudden drop in barometric pressure. You really cannot listen to weather predictions for the coastal regions here in SW Florida because they are just that - predictions. We reside 20 miles from the beach in Port Charlotte and it can rain all day here whereas folks that have been out in the Gulf on a boat haven't seen one drop. Rain like that usually doesn't last. It's just normal tropical weather patterns with predominantly quick "isolated" cloud bursts. There is always a mix of sun and clouds in Florida. Remember too, the H2O Limo has an enclosure to get out of the elements when necessary and the Reel Keel Yacht is just like a home as far as rain.   back to top

  • How flexible is a charter with your start times?
    We are fairly flexible with start times depending on whether it is high or low season. In high season (Jan. - Mar.) it gets dark earlier so this is something to keep in mind.   back to top

  • Can we wait until we are there in Florida to pick the dates?
    It will depend on how many bookings we have that week as to how flexible the date can be. We also rent the H2O Limo out, as a bareboat rental - so it is both a tour boat and a rental boat. I would suggest that you nail down a date because one of the marinas has quite a bit of walk-in traffic being located right across the street from Englewood Beach. If it isn't booked previously, it will likely rent for the day, especially in high season. The captain also does yacht charters and private Sunset Tours so it would be risky not to nail down a date after your deposit is made in high season.   back to top

  • What beaches and islands are close by?
    Almost too many to name! Stump Pass Beach State Park, Don Pedro Island, Little Gasparilla Island down to beautiful Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island. You can see most of these areas on a three hour tour.   back to top

  • Is there a bathroom on board?
    Yes! For your convenience and ours. The yacht has two and the pontoon boat has one.   back to top

  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes! Please call first however all well mannered dogs are welcome. Please bring means of waste disposal in case of an accident plus plenty of water, water bowls, and a tie out stake.   back to top

  • Is alcohol permitted onboard?
    Yes! BYOB! Feel free to enjoy your adult beverages. However, if you are heavily intoxicated, we won't allow you to board due to liability reasons.   back to top

  • Can my IPad or other device connect to your sound system?
    Yes! We do offer an Android and free Wifi on board The Reel Keel to play Pandora through our sound system.  back to top

  • Are children permitted with their parents on a BYOB cruise?
    Yes! Obviously, you have to be 21 or over to consume alcohol. No exceptions!   back to top

  • Should I bring a lifejacket for my toddler?
    We have some available, please call first!  back to top

  • Is the boat handicapped accessible?
    Unfortunately not but seniors generally find it very easy to board either vessel. Plus, the H2O Limo pulls right on the beach and has a ramp making it easy to get in and out of the boat.  back to top

  • Do you have a refrigerator aboard the boat?
    On the H2O Limo, we have a huge cooler and we keep plenty of ice in it. On the yacht, we do have several coolers and a refrigerator in the galley kitchen, although it isn't full sized.   back to top

  • Will I see dophins and manatees?
    Yes! This area is loaded with dolphins and manatees so it is very likely (90% chance) you will see them depending on the weather and tides.  back to top

  • What kind of license is required if we want to drive the H2O Limo ourselves?
    You must be 21 or older and show a Valid ID. If under 21, you must show Valid ID and proof you have completed the Florida boating safety license. Visit for information on obtaining a license. No license? No problem! We can arrange for a local guide any time.  back to top

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